Our interest in language is driven purely by what it says about people’s psychology and how it affects their opinions and behaviours. Really, all we’ve done is take some of the best thinking of some of the smartest psychologists and automated it. Have a listen to some of those brilliant minds here:

(George Lakoff on framing is fantastic and only five minutes)

Prof George Lakoff
On Psychological

“You think in terms of
frames and these are
physically realised in the
neural circuitry of your

Prof James Pennebaker
Language Style Matching and What Your Words
Say About You

“The more people match
their language styles the
better they’re getting along”

Simon Lancaster
How to Speak Like a Leader

“Metaphors are invisible,
yet they have an enormous
impact on the way people
behave and respond”

Celeste Headlee
How to Have a Good Conversation

“A conversation is a combination
of talking and listening. Somewhere
along the line we lost that balance.
Learn to listen and prepare to be amazed”

“Before working with Linguabrand we had no idea of the prevalence of
metaphoric framing, it’s psychological significance and just how central it
is to both brand communications and consumer behaviour”.

Kadie Casey, Head of Creative, Adidas