Most researchers hate words. Free text is costly and painful for them to deal
with. So they try to stop people speaking and get them to tick boxes instead.
But words are a rich resource, full of emotional content. Bob loves them. He
reads 120x faster than us humans. He measures the emotional drivers behind
our buying behaviour and attitudes to brands. He shows you how markets are
thinking and where the brands are positioned within them. 

Bob benchmarks everything he hears – because metrics only make sense in
context. He isn’t here to replace people. He does amazing things we can’t. He’s
clever, but he can’t create anything. He’s here to stop us all wasting time and
money selling generics and operating on gut-feel alone. 

Bob enables people to focus on what we do best – being creative and making
relationships work. 

He’s measured over a thousand brands across 40+ categories; and millions
of consumer words. Why not ask him what he already knows about your
brand or market?

Email him at

“Working with Bob is a fresh and original approach that’s showing us new ways to understand our markets and consumers better”. 

Ignacio Guijarro Torres, Procurement Director, Global Healthcare Provider