To get you to actionable answers quicker


“Linguabrand worked remarkably quickly and
delivered a concise five-point strategic shift that
we’re putting into action.”
Dion Brogan, Head of Insights
Australia and New Zealand


So you can differentiate with less risk


“It wasn’t until we worked with Linguabrand that we truly understood the
deeper psychology of the malt whisky market”.

Richard Bates
Head of Insights and Innovation


So you sell more and build brand love


“Linguabrand are legends – now we totally get
how to connect to the psychological motivations
of our travellers”
Sam Hollinshead, Head of Marketing

We’re a brand and consumer insights business with a difference – we’re experts in deep
listening. Why? Because brands live and die inside people’s heads and language is the quickest
route in there. It’s not what people say that counts – it’s the way they say it. That’s why we invented our
very own deep-listening robot, Bob. He’s proving to be one of the very best listeners in the world.

Bob quantifies the deeper psychology in your brand and consumer conversations.
Then, using his metrics, our expert humans show you how to optimise
your brand position and how to connect to your consumers’ deeper needs.
Your comms will be more effective. You’ll recruit more customers. And you’ll keep them for longer.

Here are the consumer and market drivers Bob will quantify for you:

  • Deeper framing
  • Attitudes to change
  • Social links
  • Sensory preferences
  • Emotional states
  • Information needs
  • Clarity
  • Market generics
  • Propositions
  • Tone of voice
  • Positioning
  • Creative strategy
  • Team debriefs
  • Insight videos
  • Team engagement
  • On-going guidance
  • Delivery consistency
  • Psychological framing
  • Attitudes towards change
  • Links to people and places
  • Sensory preferences
  • Emotional states
  • Information needs
  • Clarity of communications

  • Generics vs distinctiveness

  • Propositions/Brand agendas

  • Tone of voice/Personalities

  • Persuasive positioning

  • Creative strategy

  • Team debriefs

  • Insight videos to share

  • Team and agency engagement

  • On-going guidance

  • Delivery consistency

Brands aren’t real. They are just imaginary constructs. Psychologists
have shown that 95% of our thoughts and feelings are sub-conscious. Our actions are driven
by these deeper emotions. Traditional research only skims the surface.

It’s not what people say that counts. It’s how they say it.

If you listen deeper to people, whether in their thousands or individually, they’re telling you
how they want you to sell to them. And your rivals are showing you the market generics. On average brands
over-sell their market, rather than themselves, by 23%. Bob will save you that money. And he’ll do it fast.
No wonder our clients love him!

“Working with Linguabrand is inspirational, eye-opening and enjoyable”

Samsung Mobile


“Lynk & Co was a big success becoming China’s fastest-selling car of all time – beating Tesla’s record. The work you guys did for us on the initial brand was incredibly insightful”

Matt Michaluk, Head of Creative, Fitch.