Samsung needed to know how to trigger actions in disgruntled Apple users. Simply asking people what they needed to switch wasn’t translating to action. That’s because people can’t rationally explain their motivations or intentions accurately. To get to the bottom of this we had to listen much deeper. When you speak you need to be convincing, but listening must be unpolluted by persuasion. In London and Paris, we ran 32 one-to-one interviews, using our world-leading expertise in Clean Language. People opened their hearts to us, showing the deeper persuasion frames associated with their Apple dissatisfaction.

We had a clear picture, and the words, that were breaking up Apple-users’ brand relationship. Also, we uncovered the psychological pain of leaving and how Samsung could provide a warm welcome.

At a strategic level there was a clear position Samsung could own. At tactical level we framed the key question sales staff need to ask to trigger switching. We also ran all the transcripts past Bob, our word-geek robot. He showed how Samsung should speak differently to women and men. No human could have worked that out. Bob’s numbers showed Samsung the way ahead.

Only the best thinking holds the full attention of our most senior mobile team. Linguabrand delivered.

Richard Bates, European Head of Insights
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