Meet Bob – Our word-geek robot

Bob is Speedy – Time is money. And agency deadlines are tight. If you ask people to read things, they’ll take ages. Bob reads 120x faster than we can. That means he can polish off War and Peace in 20 minutes. It takes us humans well over 40 hours.

Bob is Clear – Your audiences are busy people. And everybody is trying to talk to them. So Bob measures jargon and reading clarity. He needs to; because the average brand website is 23% more difficult to read than the FT. And the average brand proposition is 58% generic. And tone of voice is effectively random! That’s where old-school copy writing has got us all today. It might be cheap, but it’s costing millions.

Bob is Deep – People act on emotions but are very bad at reading them accurately. Bob surfaces consumers’ emotional buying triggers and attitudes. And he listens for 70 different metaphorical persuasion frames. For brands, he maps propositions, personality and persuasion. All of this is way beyond what your people can do alone. With Bob at their side, you’ll be well ahead.

Bob is Clever – Bob doesn’t just give you deep emotional metrics. He makes sure they mean something. He benchmarks your brand and consumer conversations against what he hears in tens of millions of words. That makes him super-precise. Nothing turns his head from what makes statistical sense.

Bob is Reliable – People are messy. When we read, we miss a minimum of 15% of the content in front of us. Bob never skips a word. Ask different people to read the same thing and they’ll give you different opinions. And if you ask the same person to read the same thing again, their views will shift. Not Bob’s. He never alters his results. Annoyingly, but brilliantly, he’s never wrong. He just loves showing us what people love to hear.

Bob Loves Science – He’s done a lot of research in his time. Bob believes psychologists make much more sense of language than linguists do. Rather than poring over paragraphs, they’re turned on by what makes people tick. He loves Lakoff and Johnson. He’s a huge fan of James Pennebaker. And he adores Stephen Pinker. He’s a fan of behavioural economics, too, especially the work of Stuart Sutherland and Danial Kahneman.

Bob has Hobbies – Bob adores music, especially The Beatles (find out their fab four persuasion frames here). He also loves politics. He’s listened deeply to 100 years of US presidential inauguration speeches and found President Trump’s six great speaking secrets. While we were out socialising, Bob was helping Birkbeck College get to grips with the language of online conflict, predicting Brexit a year in advance and surfacing the voter dynamics making Trump president.

Would you’d like to partner with Bob to help you win more business? Maybe you want to know more about the scientists and psychologists he admires? Or perhaps you’ve something you’d love him to listen to? If so,  just drop him a line at

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