Too many teens were falling out of love with Adidas. Who was persuading them away and how? We asked Bob, our word-geek robot, to analyse the metaphoric persuasion patterns of sports brands. Here’s the gist of what he heard:

The leading brands are more persuasive than the losers. And they speak in a much more distinctive brand voice than the laggards. They’re connecting to teens by speaking in deeply persuasive brand positions. Most compelling was Nike. They have a powerful Core Persuasive Position: Sport is War. ‘Losing is for losers’. Simple. It’s based on the individual overcoming others. Every time another sport brand uses this Core Persuasive Position they spend their money selling Nike.  No wonder they’re clear market leaders. 

After this strategic insight our job was to reposition Adidas to their core brand strengths and teens’ emotional needs. Working with the senior team, we redefined not just their Core Persuasion Position, but also their propositions and tone of voice.

They, and their agencies, delivered brilliantly. Once again, teens were enamoured. Shortly afterwards their margins shot above 50% for only the second time in their illustrious history.

Linguabrand are truly verbal ninjas!

Thomas van Schaik, global head of brand, Adidas.
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