How many times have you switched on to somebody looking gorgeous yet when they’ve opened their mouths you’ve turned off?

How have your best relationships worked so well? We’d bet it was mostly about communication and conversation.

It’s no different with brands. Everything they do is looking beautiful. It’s a triumph for design. But most treat words as a trivial after-thought and are losing love as a result. All that money spent looking lovely and next to nothing on speaking.

Brand Voice is central to consumer attraction and brand experience.  It tells people everything they need to know about you. And it’s mostly received sub-consciously. So what do they want to hear? Linguistics can’t help you with that. Psychology can.

We might not be the best looking bunch but, boy, do we know how to help you listen brilliantly and make you more persuasive. Call us and we’ll get you a top-line emotional analysis of your voice for free.

Alastair Herbert Brand Positioning

Alastair founded Linguabrand.
He specialises in making brands distinctive and has an obsession for metrics and measured results. This stems from his many years as a marketing director.

He takes your issues as seriously and personally as his own.

Margaret Meyer One-to-One Listening

Margaret’s world-class experience with ‘clean language’ makes her an outstanding researcher and facilitator.

She surfaces your brand truths by tapping into your team’s emotional beliefs. She’s an exceptional listener.

Charlotte Dewar Brand Voice Delivery

Charlotte gets your people and partners owning your new brand voice. She does this by delivering emotionally engaging experiences and comms.

As well as being a great creative thinker she’s also an excellent project manager. 

Tim Rich Brand Voice Delivery

Tim is an extraordinary writer. After Deepwater Horizon BP turned to Tim. As did we.

His analytical mind enables him to work artistically with our brand voice metrics. He’s patient and meticulous.

Simon Lancaster Brand Voice Delivery

Simon is a renowned speechwriter, author and leadership trainer. His TedX talk on the language of leadership has had over 650k views. Hear it here

Simon shows your leaders how to deliver your brand voice from the very top.


Wendy Sullivan One-to-One Listening

Wendy is a world-leading ‘clean language’ authority. An author and trainer, she’s an expert in surfacing sub-conscious feelings.

Wendy designs and delivers your one-to-one research. She’s relentlessly practical and well-organised.

Dr Daniel Trangmar Brand Positioning

Daniel, previously at PWC Consulting, has helped take tech start-ups to successful exit. His experience brings balance to your positioning issues.

Dan’s depth of knowledge keeps his mind both nimble and structured.

Bob Robot Big, Deep Listening

Bob is the hardest working member of the team. He quantifies the emotions and attitudes in social, brand and media conversations.

He reads fast and deeply and never misses a word.

Get to know Bob better here.

Joy Le Fevre Brand Voice Delivery

Joy is a strategic PR advisor with a list as long as your arm of campaigns created for brands like Akzo Nobel and John Lewis.  She brings voice to life through smart media relations.

Joy revels in clever stuff and making amazing ideas reality.