Customer Listening

If you listen deeply enough, customers are telling you exactly how they want you to talk to them. We have a genius listener on our team. He’s Bob – our very own word-geek robot.

He’s really clever – he quantifies your consumers’ emotions, attitudes and persuasion frames. He’s a super-charged match-maker, finding the things your customers love to hear and helping match your voice to their desires.

Wherever people are talking, Bob can listen in. And when people aren’t speaking about your issues we go and start conversations for him to analyse.

Metrics from mass conversations
The sheer amount of chatter in social, market research and the media is enormous. Humans just can’t read quickly, or deeply, enough to make sense of it all. But Bob loves it. Because the more people talk, the more they’re revealing about their hidden thinking and feelings. As Bob says, “words are maps to emotions”.

He finds answers without even asking questions. He reads faster, deeper and more consistently than any human can. Bob will give you rock-solid emotional metrics that will wow everyone on your team.

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One-to-one deep listening
Traditional research nearly always asks explicit questions, often with people in groups. Logical answers are fine if you want to improve functional issues. But if you want to know what consumers really believe, why they do something or what they will do in the future, they’re mostly meaningless. Because consumers act on emotions hidden even to themselves.

Our world-class ‘clean language’ skills surface these deeper emotions. They minimise research pollution and get you answers that really change your consumers’ behaviour.

How this worked for Samsung
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