Brand Positioning

Brand Persuasion Frames
Brand Tone of Voice
Clarity: Reading age

Metrics on your and your rivals’ voices

Your customers aren’t just hearing from you. Your rivals are always trying to tempt them away. We make sure your voice is the most attractive in the market.

Bob, our word-geek robot, works out the generic market conventions. You get metrics on your and your rivals propositions, personality and persuasion.  These remarkable insights steer you and your agencies away from generics.  And you’ll have the numbers showing senior colleagues how your rivals’ brand psychology works.


Your most attractive qualities
Nobody knows your brand better than you do. And, although sometimes it might not feel like it, your team has all the answers. Working hand in hand with you, we’ll move you beyond the rational to explore your emotional brand truths.

Our remarkable techniques will surface what your brand is like at its best.

Your “Core Persuasion Position”
After listening to customers, rivals and you; we create and define your Core Persuasion Position. This authentic and own-able position is pitched to run through straplines and leadership speaking, to internal and external brand voice.  Stimulating emotional and creative juices, it drives creative content across your communications.

Your agencies will love working with it. Your people will love bringing it to life. And your customers will love hearing it.

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