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How Brands Can Own A Single Big Idea

30 Oct 2017

Business language is full of conceptual ideas. Brands talk about things like ‘sustainability’ and ‘innovation’ and ‘trust’. But what do these ideas actually mean? The problems with concepts are they force our brains to work too hard.

At Linguabrand we’ve surfaced the emotions behind concepts like ‘Loyalty’ and ‘Helpfulness’. And we’ve recently completed a project for creativity-based Learning and Development specialists Artgym. You’ve probably already spotted the challenge we faced right at the start: What exactly is creativity? Standing alone, it’s just another tough-to-understand business concept. To give any concept emotional impact you need to know the sub-conscious frames people link to the idea. Sub-conscious frames? Sounds complicated, but it’s not. Because every time people speak and write they’re showing you how they’re framing any given situation. Simply put, ‘words are maps to emotions’.

All you have to do is listen deeply enough. Then you can connect to people’s deeper emotional states simply by changing the way you talk and write. So we listened – deeply.

Humans aren’t great listeners. Sub-consciously we register lots of hidden signals, but we can’t consciously recognise them all or measure them. (And we talk way too much). That’s why we’ve got Bob. He’s a remarkable listener, because he’s not human. He’s our word-geek robot; a specialist in psycho-linguistics. That means he measures the emotions in language.

We listened to the Artgym team, as a brand voice must be true to its owner. We listened to other brands in the space, mapping out their thinking about creativity, so Artgym could be unique. And, most importantly, we listened to Artgym clients, customers and prospects.

And what is creativity? Well, it’s a valuable resource, contained within us all. When it’s released it enables us to make connections we couldn’t make before. It sounds compelling. That’s because it’s true. Uncovering these emotional frames enabled us to develop Artgym’s new strapline ‘Creating Your Tomorrow’. And the brand’s proposition became a clear manifesto: Creativity is what makes us human – everyone has it. You have it. We were able to position Artgym as the torchbearer of creative democracy, rising up against the fallacy that there are creative and non-creative people.

“We’ve been promoting our services for 10 years, but always had challenges explaining what we do in a way that was easy for people to get. Working with Linguabrand was amazing. They were able to find our true voice. It’s excited us all and had an immediate impact on our business”, says CEO, Eugene Hughes.

And do you know where Bob came from? He’s a result of our creativity. Yes, Artgym are right – creativity is part of what it is to be human; even if that means inventing robots to understand ourselves better.