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The Six Secrets Making President Trump a Good Speaker

10 Mar 2017

Whatever you think of Donald Trump he’s a damned good speaker.  And that’s not just a matter of opinion. There have been 27 inauguration speeches over the last 100 years. We’ve put all of them through our unique software to reveal an unbiased analysis of his success.

1.  He’s very clear.

Trump is very easy to understand. His speech is the 5th clearest in the last 100 years.

And he doesn’t go on too long. Since the war, only Jimmy Carter has been briefer.

2. He’s personal

He speaks absolutely directly to YOU. He is miles ahead of any other president, with over four times the affinity levels of the other speeches.

3. No President has ever been so focused on the future

Despite a campaign strapline harking to the past (Make America Great Again) Trump’s speech showed his eyes are now firmly set on what is going to happen in his time in office.

The only comparable speech near this future focus was Roosevelt at the end of the WWII.

4. He’s delivering to community and family

On community Trump matches FDR (1941 and 1945), Reagan (1985) and Clinton (1997). But his ace card is appealing to families. Trump has double the focus of previous presidents.

Perhaps strangely, only two previous presidents have linked community and family: Reagan in 1985 and Clinton in 1997. We’ve listened to US voters speaking about their issues and Trump’s approach is bang on target.

5. He’s persuading people they’re under attack

Trump is only averagely persuasive. But he frames his thinking very differently.

He thinks around battles at over twice the average level of previous speeches. His main perspective is around defence. That’s ‘reinforcing’, ‘protecting’ and ‘defending’. Trump pitches himself as the people’s defender in an economic battle.

6. He motivates people without the need for promises

Trump gives people an aim for their battle which is a metaphysical rather than real. ‘Dreams’ and ‘destiny’ are used as motivators without the need to make hard promises.

On the negative side is an almost total lack of humility. But this may come across for many as total confidence.

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