Building brand love by better listening

Are you more persuasive than your rivals?
Is your proposition attractive?
Do you speak your brand values?
Do you deliver brand voice consistently?

We're researchers, listening deeply and measuring everything. We're strategists, positioning you at your best. We're creators, developing propositions and making your tone of voice measurably more persuasive.

Placing customer emotions at the centre of your brand experience

How we give you the voice your customers love to hear We can do all, or just some, of these for you

Customer Listening

Deeper, faster emotional insights

  • Quantifying emotions in masses of free-text conversations.
  • Surfacing consumer psychology, face to face.
How this works Meet Bob - our word-geek robot
Consumer Social Connections
Consumer Buying Triggers
Consumer Attitudes to Change
Brand Persuasion Frames
Brand Personality/Tone of Voice
Clarity: Reading Age/Jargon

Brand Positioning

Your stand-out advantage

  • Metrics on you and your rivals’ voices.
  • Revealing your most attractive qualities.
  • Your Core Persuasion Position.
Our remarkable methods

Voice Delivery

Speaking with one voice

  • Exciting your staff and agencies.
  • Writing your persuasive content.
  • Tracking consistent delivery.
The ultimate brand voice engagement

Who we do this for

Based in London, we’ve worked in over 30 business categories across the world. These include automotive and industrial; they speak too, after all. Healthcare, financial, retail, travel and B2B services are all areas we know intimately. Learning and education is hot right now.

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