Verbal identity mapping

The Lost Continent of Branding

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Companies compete with words™. So how do you know which words are competitive?

That’s why we invented brand language analytics. Your verbal identity can now be measured and managed, creating conversations that convert. This works whether you’re talking to customers, investors or your talent pool. It’s all based on psycho-linguistics.

Our software is a fertile mix of data analytics and psychology. It reveals the emotional undercurrents at the heart of human interaction. There’s good science behind this.

“Since communication is based on the same conceptual system that we use in thinking and acting, language is an important source of evidence for what that system is like” *.

We reverse-engineer what people are saying to map your competitive environment. Your brand values spring to life when aligned with a consistent tone of voice. And consumers’ real reasons for buying are uncovered by our emotional buying triggers analysis. We even quantify thinking patterns, giving you actionable strategic and creative insights.

Audiences warm to your culture and brand via your conversations. Psycho-linguistics puts hard numbers on this subliminal process. Our software tools turn your words into manageable brand assets. Come and explore the new world of verbal identity - it’s rich in resources.

* Lakoff and Johnson, Metaphors We Live By, University of Chicago Press, 1980.