Building brand love by better listening

Building your brand's love
Connecting conversations
Reducing wasted effort
Delivering consistency

Your customers are telling you exactly how they want you to sell to them.
All you need to do is listen deeply. Our research connects you to your customers' psychology.

Placing psychology at the heart of your brand experience

How we listen deeper... give you practical, effective advice

Customer and Market Listening

Deeper, faster psychological insights

  • Quantifying emotions without asking questions.
  • Surfacing consumer psychology, face to face.
  • Understanding market dynamics super-fast
How this works Meet Bob - our neuroscience robot
Consumer Social Connections
Consumer Buying Triggers
Consumer Attitudes to Change
Brand Persuasion Frames
Brand Personality/Tone of Voice
Clarity: Reading Age/Jargon

Brand Connections

Insights are fine. Connections are better.

  • You get metrics rather than opinions
  • You get pragmatic, easy to deliver, advice
  • You make market research smarter and faster
Our remarkable methods

Delivering consistently

With us you make brand love a reality

  • Briefing your staff and agencies.
  • Brand do’s and don’ts guidelines
  • Measuring agency delivery.
Easy briefing gets all agencies up to speed

Who we do this for

Based in London, we work across the world, both directly with brands and partner agencies. We know healthcare and finance intimately. We love L&D and B2B. We're very excited about why people drink whisky and how to sell new services to football fans globally. There's barely a sector we haven't touched at some point. Ask us about yours.

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